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Q: There seems to be a widespread concern that terrorists will use nuclear weapons. At the same time it appears that it is very difficult to manufacture nuclear weapons. How will terrorists succeed when it seems to take Iran a decade?
A: If you manage to get hold of highly enriched uranium, it is very simple. It is enough, in principle, to in a thick tube shoot up 10 kg highly enriched uranium up against another lump highly enriched uranium. This is done with conventional explosives. You would actually get a nuclear bomb, perhaps with an output of one kiloton, which would bring about a terrible injury in a city. But it requires huge resources to enrich uranium ant that why it takes such a long time for Iran. If terrorists manage to steal such a uranium weapon they could produce nuclear weapons. To produce an atomic bomb with plutonium – found in many places because it is a waste product of nuclear power stations – is technically very difficult. North Korea has tried for at least 20 years, but their first burst of a plutonium bomb was almost completely unsuccessful.

Q: There are those who say that Sweden becomes a nuclear state if we join NATO. But then would Norway be considered a nuclear state?
A: The legal term is perhaps not entirely clear what is meant by “nuclear state” depends on the context. Norway has sought and succeeded in getting approval to not to have nuclear weapons on its territory in peacetime. But Norway has to accept to join in NATO training in which the nuclear doctrine plays a big role, and Norway approves nuclear weapons use and threat of such a use. It actually makes Norway a state that violates international law: Any threat of using nuclear weapons violates international law. You can read about this in the section on Law.